C2C12 cell, 60x , Blue: Nucleus; Red: Actin cytoskeleton; Green: NF-kB p105

Maccophages infected with Salmonella bacteria. 60x. Blue: Nucleus; Red: Actin cytoskeleton; Green: Salmonella bacteria


The Microscope Core Facility at DSE will support the research at DSE by academics and students from DSE or research investigators from Region Zealand by providing microscopy technical support, training and consultation.


Training: All users of the confocal microscopes need mandatory training in order to book and use the microscopes. Contact microscope_core@ruc.dk or one of the super users [Contact].


Support: we would also be happy to advice users on choosing specific microscopes for specific projects, assisting users with acquiring fluorescence images and analysis for publication and provide either full support or partial support during microscope sessions.